The Evaluation Roundtable is a network of foundation evaluation leaders in the US and Canada, and now also the UK, that seeks to support and improve evaluation practice in philanthropy.

The centerpiece of the Evaluation Roundtable is our convenings, which allow participants to step back and delve into substantive issues that they rarely get a chance to discuss.

Because we convene evaluation and program staff, we look at issues from multiple points of view. Participants engage in lively discussions that help them to gain new insights.

A highlight of our meetings is a teaching case that examines a particularly complex evaluation and program issue. Our teaching encourages participants to grapple with and find solutions to common dilemmas facing foundations.

We also study and publish research on foundation effectiveness.

Report: This 2016 report developed with the Center for Effective Philanthropy is our most comprehensive data collection effort to date on evaluation practices at foundations.
Article: This journal article in The Foundation Review identifies three traps that hinder foundations' ability to learn and adapt, along with solutions for addressing them.
Brief: This brief highlights common cognitive traps that can trip up philanthropic decision making, and suggests straightforward steps to counteract them
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